Cattaraugus County Registry of Deeds (New York)

Cattaraugus County Recorders of Deeds collect records of a jurisdiction's deeds and make them available to the public in NY. These documents are primarily related to Cattaraugus County property deeds. The Office of the Deeds Registrar maintains records on land and property transactions within its jurisdiction, including deeds, mortgages, easements, and tax liens. The office also has land registry information, including titles, property and parcel surveys, and maps of property lines and unregistered properties. The Cattaraugus County Registrar of Deeds maintains online databases for the public to access land and property deed registry records.

Cattaraugus County Recorder of Deeds Little Valley NY 303 Court Street 14755 716-938-2297

Cattaraugus County Assessors evaluate the value of properties and parcels in order to determine property taxes in NY. The Assessor's Office maintains current data on every parcel in the district, including ownership information, inventories of parcels and structures, and the value of all the property in Cattaraugus County. They also have land, property and deed registry records such as value assessments on registered properties, maps of property lines, and lists of unregistered land. Tax Assessors make their Cattaraugus County deed records available to the public online.

Allegany Town Assessor Allegany NY 52 West Main Street 14706 716-372-6216

Carrollton Assessor Limestone NY 641 Main Street 14753 716-925-7198

Ellicottville Assessor Ellicottville NY 1 West Washington Street 14731 716-699-8137

Olean Town Assessor Olean NY 2634 New York 16 14760 716-373-1608

Randolph Assessor Randolph NY 1 Bank Street 14772 716-358-2591

Cattaraugus County Town Halls and City Halls are the chief administrative office that runs a town or city in New York. The Town or City Hall maintains property records related to Cattaraugus County, including property and land deed records. These records include titles, land transactions, and property sales and transfers. Town and City Halls also maintain records on municipal and zoning boundaries, including any unregistered lands within the municipality. Cattaraugus County Town and City Halls provide online databases to access deed registry records.

Allegany Town Hall Allegany NY 52 West Main Street 14706 716-373-1540

Cherry Creek Town Hall Leon NY 12195 Leon New Albion Rd 14751 716-296-5600

Coldspring Town Hall Randolph NY 2604 Lebanon Road 14772 716-354-5752

Dayton Town Hall South Dayton NY 9100 Route 62 14138 716-532-3758

Hinsdale Town Hall Hinsdale NY 4129 New York 16 14743 716-557-2478

Humphrey Town Hall Great Valley NY 4500 Humphrey Road 14741 716-945-1010

Ischua Town Hall Hinsdale NY 1850 Mill Street 14743 716-557-8787

Mansfield Town Hall Little Valley NY 7691 Toad Hollow Road 14755 716-257-9288

Olean Town Hall Olean NY 2634 Route 16 N 14760 716-373-0582

Perrysburg Town Hall Perrysburg NY 10460 Peck Hill Road 14129 716-532-4090

Persia Town Hall Gowanda NY 8 West Main Street, Ste 1 14070 716-532-4042

Red House Town Hall Salamanca NY 8642 Lonkto Holw 14779 716-354-5052

Villenova Town Hall South Dayton NY 1094 Butcher Rd 14138 716-988-3476

Cattaraugus County Clerks file documents and preserve property records in order to maintain an archive for their municipality in New York. These records are open to the public. The Clerk's Office contains a number of Cattaraugus County deed registry records, including documents on registered and unregistered lands, titles, and property transactions. They also keep Cattaraugus County registries of deeds, mortgages, liens, and real estate excise taxes. Clerk's Offices provide online access to their Cattaraugus County deed and title records.

Cattaraugus County Clerk Little Valley NY 303 Court Street 14755 716-938-9111

Ellicottville Town Clerk Ellicottville NY 1 West Washington Street 14731 716-699-2240

Great Valley Town Clerk Great Valley NY 4808 Route 219 14741 716-945-4200

Machias Town Clerk Machias NY 3483 Roszyk Hill Road 14101 716-353-8207

New Albion Town Clerk Cattaraugus NY 14 North Main Street 14719 716-257-3661

Perrysburg Village Clerk Perrysburg NY 10460 Peck Hill Road 14129 716-532-1515

Randolph Town Clerk Randolph NY 72 Main Street 14772 716-358-9701

Salamanca City Clerk Salamanca NY 225 Wildwood Avenue, Ste 3 14779 716-945-4620