Dane County Registry of Deeds

Search for Dane County WI Registry of Deeds. Land registries include information on deed lookups, recording deeds, registering land, transferring a title, checking title information, and identifying unregistered lands.

Dane County Recorder Of Deeds

Recorders of Deeds collect records of a jurisdiction's deeds and make them available to the public. These documents are primarily related to property. The Office of the Recorder of Deeds maintains records on land transactions within its jurisdiction, including deeds, mortgages, easements, and tax liens. The office also has land registry information, including titles, property and parcel surveys, and maps of property lines and unregistered properties. Many Recorders of Deeds maintain online databases for the public to access land registry records.

Dane County Recorder of Deeds Madison WI PO Box 1438 53701 608-266-4141

Dane County Town & City Hall

Town Halls and City Halls are the chief administrative office that runs a town or city. The Town or City Hall maintains records related to the locality, including land registry records. These records include titles, land transactions, and property sales and transfers. Town and City Halls also maintain records on municipal and zoning boundaries, including any unregistered lands within the municipality. Many Town and City Halls provide online databases to access land registry records.

Berry Town Hall Mazomanie WI 9046 Wisconsin 19 53560 608-767-4152

Blooming Grove Town Hall Madison WI 1880 South Stoughton Road 53716 608-223-1104

Bristol Town Hall Sun Prairie WI 7747 County Highway N 53590 608-837-6494

Dane Town Hall Dane WI 210 West Main Street 53529 608-849-4335

Dane Village Town Hall Dane WI 102 West Main Street 53529 608-849-5422

Dunkirk Town Hall Stoughton WI 654 County Highway N 53589 608-873-9177

Dunn Town Hall McFarland WI 4156 County Road B 53558 608-255-4219

Fulton Town Hall Edgerton WI 2738 W Fulton Center Dr 53534 608-868-4103

Madison City Hall Madison WI 210 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard 53703 608-266-4601

Madison Town Hall Madison WI 2120 Fish Hatchery Rd 53713 608-210-7260

Medina Town Hall Marshall WI 634 East Main Street 53559 608-655-3030

Medina Town Hall Marshall WI 634 Wisconsin 19 53559 608-655-3030

Middleton City Hall Middleton WI 7426 Hubbard Avenue 53562 608-827-1050

Middleton Town Hall Verona WI 7555 Old Sauk Road 53593 608-833-4346

Montrose Town Hall Belleville WI 1341 Diane Avenue 53508 608-424-3848

Oregon Town Hall Oregon WI 1138 Union Road 53575 608-835-2982

Perry Town Hall Mount Horeb WI 10084 County Highway A 53572 608-832-6877

Pleasant Springs Town Hall Stoughton WI 2354 County Highway N 53589 608-873-3063

Primrose Town Hall Verona WI 8468 COUNTY Rd 53593 608-832-8056

Springdale Town Hall Mount Horeb WI 2379 Town Hall Road 53572 608-437-6230

Springfield Town Hall Dane WI 6157 County Road P 53529 608-849-7887

Stoughton City Hall Stoughton WI 381 East Main Street 53589 608-873-6677

Sun Prairie City Hall Sun Prairie WI 300 E Main St 53590 608-837-2511

Sun Prairie Town Hall Marshall WI 5556 Twin Lane Road 53559 608-837-6688

Verona Town Hall Verona WI 335 North Nine Mound Road 53593 608-845-7187

Vienna Town Hall DeForest WI 7161 COUNTY Rd 53532 608-846-3800

Westport Town Hall Waunakee WI 5387 Mary Lake Road 53597 608-849-4372

Windsor Town Hall DeForest WI 4084 Mueller Road 53532 608-846-3854

Dane County Clerk Office

Clerks file documents and preserve municipal records in order to maintain an archive for their municipality. These records are open to the public. The Clerk's Office contains a number of land registry records, including documents on registered and unregistered lands, titles, and property transactions. They also keep records on deeds, mortgages, liens, and real estate excise taxes. Many Clerk's Offices provide online access to their land registry records.

Cottage Grove Village Clerk Cottage Grove WI 221 East Cottage Grove Road 53527 608-839-8064

Cross Plains Clerk Cross Plains WI 3734 County Highway J 53528 608-798-2998

Dane County Clerk Madison WI 210 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard 53703 608-266-4121

Dane Village Clerk Dane WI 102 West Main Street 53529 608-849-5422

Madison Town Clerk Madison WI 2120 Fish Hatchery Road 53713 608-210-7263

Marshall Village Clerk Marshall WI 130 South Pardee Street 53559 608-655-4017

Mt Horeb Clerk Mount Horeb WI 138 East Main Street 53572 608-437-7748

Stoughton City Clerk Stoughton WI 321 South 4th Street 53589 608-873-6676

Sun Prairie Clerk Sun Prairie WI 300 East Main Street 53590 608-837-2511

Dane County Assessor Office

Assessors evaluate the value of properties and parcels in order to determine property taxes. The Assessor's Office maintains current data on every parcel in the district, including ownership information, inventories of parcels and structures, and the value of all the property in the jurisdiction. They also have land registry records such as value assessments on registered properties, maps of property lines, and lists of unregistered land. Many Assessor's Offices make their land registry records available to the public online.

Dane County Property Lister Madison WI 210 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard 53703 608-266-4120

Mount Horeb Village Assessor Mount Horeb WI 138 East Main Street 53572 608-437-6884

Sun Prairie Assessor Sun Prairie WI 300 East Main Street 53590 608-825-1186

Verona City Assessor Verona WI 111 Lincoln Street 53593 608-848-9942